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How It Works

Research suggests that optimizing your lifestyle can improve cancer survival rates, reduce chances of recurrence, and improve your quality of life. However, understanding how to leverage nutrition, stress reduction, and other holistic approaches for your unique needs is often complex and overwhelming.

Nipp’s here to make it simple.


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Meet Dee

Log your mood and energy levels to understand how they’re affected by movement, nutrition changes, and other interventions. Then, Dee your AI Companion,  can learn from your singular data and provide better advice. Dee will provide data-driven guidance and encouragement, whenever you need it. Dee learns from your interactions, adapts to your preferences, and evolves along with the different stages of your patient journey.

Secure Data

Your data is securely transmitted using state-of-the-art SSL technology.

Research Only

We pledge to never sell or share your data – it's strictly used for research purposes.

Robust Infrastructure

We house your data in a robust, high-security database, shielded from external risks.

Access Control

Only authorized personnel have the right to access specific data.


Core Features

Dive into our platform’s core features to discover how we’re revolutionizing cancer wellness—learn more about personalized recommendations, interactive fitness routines, and expert insights for a holistic approach to your well-being journey.

Personalized Health Goals

Stay on track with short-term and long-term nutrition and fitness goals, designed for your cancer treatment or survivorship status, comorbid conditions, and current health habits.

Personalized Meal Plan

Follow Nipp's flexible meal plans and maintain a food log to gain insights into the unique ways that different foods influence your overall health and well-being.

Guided Meditations

Browse a library of guided meditations, created specifically for cancer patients and survivors. Choose from extended hour-long meditations, quick waiting room listens, and anything in between.

Movement Recommendations

Get personalized movement recommendations, depending on your health goals. Track your movement to learn how it affects your well-being and help Nipp optimize guidance.

early adopters


Nia M

"As a Radiation Therapist, I see the impact treatment can have on patients every day lives, impacting and impeding their sleep, stress levels, exercise, nutrition and all around quality of life. NIPP will allow the patients to address their quality of life concerns in real-time."

Thandi M

"The NIPP app is truly remarkable. It offers daily guidance, a supportive community, and an intuitive interface for seamless health tracking. The built-in AI companion, Dee, provides customized recommendations on movement, mindset and meals to help me sustain a healthy post-treatment lifestyle."


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